Digital Detox

A few weeks ago I read a survey in which it said we pick up our smartphone at least 1500 times a week. That means 214 times a day. “No way” is what I thought, I don’t check my phone that many times. But after paying attention I soon discovered that I do check my […]


More human than human

More Human than Human from Hester on Vimeo. I made this short film almost a year ago. Is it still up to date? I think so….


Autumn storm

Autumn is here! That means falling leaves, knits and wooly jumpers. Being inside in front of the fireplace…


Pre Autumn weekend inspiration

    Leaves are turning all shades of yellow and red,and we can light the fireplace again! Love it….            


Trendrede 2015

#Trendrede2015 De ondertussenheid…. “Laten we gaan zwermen” Later een uitgebreid verslag



On my tumblr account zubzero-blog.tumblr I post the pictures that inspire me most. Hopefully it will inspire you as well!


More human than human

On the media page I posted my short film “More human than human” with my vision of the future of wearables and skin.